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Check out this great video. Skip ahead to 13:06 to see one of my kydex holsters from our retail store

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Previous holsters ive bought ended up in a box because they did not work like I needed them to, how are your holsters different ?

We Design, Test and Evaluate our Kydex Holsters to ensure they are comfortable.  All aspects and angles are shaped to give them the optimum height, angle and comfort.

   Our designs also have user safety in mind by protecting the trigger from accidental push as well as adjustable retention to suit users needs in maintaining control of the gun.

 I dont see what I want in your inventory, can you build me the holster I want ?

 YES !   We can build your holster with many different types of belt clips, colors and options.  Email us with the details and we will work with you to finalize the details and quote you a price and estimated time of shipping.

Your retail website states you have a lifetime warranty, what is it exactly ?

  Our Holsters are Guaranteed for life. As long as it is used in a proper manner.  

  We see a holster as a tool to facilitate the transport of your firearm in a comfortable, safe manner and we make them with materials proven to be durable over a long period of time.

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